Green IT

Green IT

Do you have IT Equipment reaching the end of its life? Digitech offers a fully certified lifecycle service that can help you boost your green credentials and recuperate your initial investment.

Every company has a legal and social responsibility to dispose of it’s end-of-life IT equipment in an environmentally friendly manner. Digitech can save you time and money by handling all aspects of this process. We can also provide a full audit trail from collection to disposal.

What’s more, Digitech can assist in helping you realise the value of your dormant equipment. We can offer a straight-out purchase price or a higher credit amount for you to use against purchases for new equipment.

We help you strengthen your business

With our expansive expertise ranging from end-of-life spare parts to custom-configured solutions and technical support services, we can help strengthen your business, and guide you through today’s complicated, fast-changing and dynamic technology landscape.


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